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RBL is a consulting and development firm, with experts in the fields of developing leaders, increasing the contributions of HR to business, and of building the organization capabilities that reinforce firm brand identity and reputation. RBL believes, that the most efficient, effective means of creating value is through the conscientious management of people and organizations to provide the experience that customers and investors expect.


Business Skills

Business skills is worldwide one of the most experienced companies in development ans usage of Business Simulations for training and assessment.


The Talent Games

The Talent Games is a gamified recruitment solutions provider, helping leaders attract, engage and assess the right Millennial talent. For organizations, we provide game-based assessments using gamification principles with neuroscience and artificial intelligence.



Seer-XM utilizes technology to deliver predictive employee and customer experience solutions that enable measurable results in leadership, culture, talent and HR.


Vigor-Enterprise is a multi-functional business entity. Through its four subsidiaries, it offers services pertaining to different functions like Human Resources, Marketing $ Sales, Events Management, and Finance.

Vigor-Enterprise is the engine, which powers four units(Vigor-Events,
Vigor-Academy, and Vigor-Hunt). The founders have chosen a common umbrella brand name for all companies, in order to reflect their own values of enthusiasm and harmony. 


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